Using the deadliest martial art to save a water world

Atlantide: a water planet, where only 6% of its surface is covered by land. In this world, there are dramas, discoveries, and power struggles as everywhere else. 
Aquatika is one of the deadliest and most respected martial arts, also famous for its health benefits and for the moral integrity of its masters. A tradition several thousands of years old is clashing with new discoveries that risk throwing the whole world out of balance.
The lifes of three teenagers (Lila, Solis, and Kolin) are completely changed after a chance discovery of a mysterious artifact inside the waters of Zefiria, at the edge of a tiny island near the coast, called the Iron Rock. The discovery forces them to leave their native town, taken by Supreme Master Anh to the city of Diana, on the island of Sirenia.

As Lila, Solis, and Kolin grow up learning the secrets of Aquatika from their mentor, they begin to understand the real meaning of the mysterious object. 

This novel has won the #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) contest at

A fragment (still in the draft stage) can be read here:


An experimental collection of short stories

This volume will enclose a number of short stories about various topics.

Some of the titles:

- The Yoga Class

-  A Little Sip of Wine

- The Quiet Castle

- Eclipse

- Weeds


This book plans to be the sequel to "Butterfly's Dream". 
Two countries, separated by a mirror, battle for resources on a mysterious realm where death is not what it seems. Neither the memories are what we think.

The story is still in the early stages, with about 20 pages sketched so far.


A script turning into a novel about the life of a group of super-intelligent birds.